Winmax BD99 Flash File MT6261DA

Welcome to this page,a detailed description of the flash file you have come across and How To Use it  To, use it we've used that tool to polish the palette crack flash tool.    

It is a Winmax BD99 flash file ,currently in zip package, after unloading it will be unzip, then you can use it. Before unziping, you need to make payments,contact us for payment.Download the flash file and after unzip the free, get all our information.  

File Information  File Name: Winmax BD99 Cpu : MT6261DA  Size: 4MB
Type: Zip

How To Flash This

1. Download and extract the File on your computer
2. Install the USB Driver on your computer
3. Open a flashing tool in your computer
4. Connected your phone USB cable to computer
5. Click the start or connect button
6. Insert battery in mobile
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