LETV X522-4G Flash Firmware (Stock ROM) Phablet Global Version

On this page you will find out LETV X522-4G flash firmware file and install guideline. Also in addition page from this, all the information related to this flash firmware file is described here. We've used the USB driver and flash tool to flash this mobile phone in flash firmware file. It is a LETV X522-4G Flash Firmware (Stock ROM) Phablet Global Version currently comes in zip package.The LETV X522-4G running on Android Os v8.1 version which is manufactured by Snapdragon. Qualcomm Flash Image
Loader for flash Firmware on this device.

Device Description:
Equipped with high 5.5 inch big screen, LETV X522 gives you ultimate visual experience. It uses Snapdragon 652 octa core processor with 1.8GHz frequency, which makes you play big games and watch videos smoothly. Besides, 16.0MP rear camera and 8.0MP front camera let you take sharper and more vibrant photos anywhere and anytime.

Download Flashing Equipment
USB Driver:
Snapdragon Driver
Flash Tool: Qualcomm Flash Image Loader
Firmware Link: S2_X522-NA-OP-IFXNAOP5802012141S-5.8.020S.zip

 Flash Guidelines

  • Now in the QFIL Folder, Click the QFIL application file and Open it.
  • Once you open it, you will see the following screen on your computer
  • Turn your Phone off using the power button
  • Once your Phone is switched off, Now Hold the Volume UP button and try to connect your phone to PC/Laptop using USB Cable
  • Your Phone model will be displayed on your PC
  • Now Click the Browse option to select the downloaded Stock ROM on QFIL application
  • Now browse and Select the right firmware you downloaded from the folder
  • Now Click The Download button to start the Installation process.
  • Installation Process will take almost 10-15 minutes to complete. Be Patient! Don't disconnect your phone from computer.
  • Once it is done, your device will reboot automatically.
That's it ! You have completed the installation process.!
Dear worker, Before downloading the firmware, backup the firmware and save it to your computer. If a problem occurs after downloading the firmware then you can re-download the firmware and return it to the previous state. Your device should be fully charged before downloading. Here we have uploaded the LETV X522-4G Flash Firmware (Stock ROM) Phablet Global Version to cheek hundred percent.

  • First match the image of your phone.
    Check that the version is correct with the phone's image.
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