LG G6+ (Plus) H870DSU Flash Firmware ROM

On this page you will find out LG flash firmware file and install guideline. Also in addition page from this, all the information related to this flash firmware file is described here. We've used the USB driver and flash tool to flash this mobile phone in flash firmware file.It is a LG G6+ (plus) Flash Firmware File [Stock ROM] currently comes in zip package.The LG G6+ (plus) running on Android version which is manufactured by Lg. Use Flash Tool for flash Firmware on this device.

LG H870DSU(LGH870DSU) aka LG G6+ (Plus)
List of Firmware.

Country             File Name/ Download Link OS  File size(KB)  Date  Downloads
ARE H870DSU10k_00_OPEN_AME_DS_OP_0724.kdz  Android 7.x Nougat  3110410843  2018-01-07   31 time(s)
ARE H870DSU10s_00_OPEN_AME_DS_OP_0112.kdz  Android 7.x Nougat  3264765486  2018-02-15   72 time(s)
ARE H870DSU20f_00_OPEN_AME_DS_OP_0720.kdz  Android 8.x Oreo  3008034823  2018-08-08   34 time(s)
GCC H870DSU10k_00_OPEN_AME_DS_OP_0724.kdz  Android 7.x Nougat  3110410843  2017-12-23    9 time(s)
GCC H870DSU10s_00_OPEN_AME_DS_OP_0112.kdz  Android 7.x Nougat  3264765486  2018-02-15    18 time(s)
GCC H870DSU20f_00_OPEN_AME_DS_OP_0720.kdz Android 8.x Oreo  3008034823  2018-08-08   10 time(s)
HKG H870DSU10f_00_OPEN_HK_DS_OP_0803.kdz Android 7.x Nougat  3132393866  2017-09-08    54 time(s)
HKG H870DSU10j_00_OPEN_HK_DS_OP_0922.kdz Android 7.x Nougat  3165015282  2017-10-04    44 time(s)
HKG H870DSU10m_00_OPEN_HK_DS_OP_1019.kdz Android 7.x Nougat  3217167397  2017-11-02   117 time
HKG H870DSU20a_00_OPEN_HK_DS_OP_0518.kdz Android 8.x Oreo  2921406295  2018-06-08    237 time
HKG H870DSU20b_00_OPEN_HK_DS_OP_0713.kdz Android 8.x Oreo  2921429665  2018-07-18    155 time
HKG H870DSU20c_00_OPEN_HK_DS_OP_0725.kdz Android 8.x Oreo  2928447084  2018-08-04    21 time
HKG H870DSU20d_00_OPEN_HK_DS_OP_0810.kdz Android 8.x Oreo  3009178646  2018-08-30    21 time(s)
HKG H870DSU20e_00_OPEN_HK_DS_OP_0921.kdz Android 8.x Oreo  3021973948  2018-10-18    3 time(s)
IDN H870DSU10v_00_OPEN_ESA_DS_OP_0316.kdz Android 7.x Nougat  3288974493  2018-07-26   3 time(s)
IDN H870DSU20f_00_OPEN_ESA_DS_OP_0720.kdz Android 8.x Oreo  3047602033  2018-08-08    6 time(s)
IRN H870DSU10k_00_OPEN_AME_DS_OP_0724.kdz Android 7.x Nougat  3110410843  2018-01-11    6 time(s)
IRN H870DSU10s_00_OPEN_AME_DS_OP_0112.kdz Android 7.x Nougat  3264765486  2018-03-03    12 time(s)
IRN H870DSU20f_00_OPEN_AME_DS_OP_0720.kdz Android 8.x Oreo  3008034823  2018-08-08    14 time(s)
ISR H870DSU10q_00_OPEN_IL_DS_OP_1021.kdz Android 7.x Nougat  3217252534  2017-12-31    8 time(s)
ISR H870DSU10s_00_OPEN_IL_DS_OP_0112.kdz Android 7.x Nougat  3264647500  2018-02-08   24 time(s)
ISR H870DSU20f_00_OPEN_IL_DS_OP_0720.kdz Android 8.x Oreo  3007923409  2018-08-08    6 time(s)
PHL H870DSU10s_00_OPEN_ESA_DS_OP_0112.kdz Android 7.x Nougat  3298596729  2018-02-08    6 time(s)
PHL H870DSU10v_00_OPEN_ESA_DS_OP_0316.kdz Android 7.x Nougat  3288974493  2018-04-05    38 time(s)
PHL H870DSU20f_00_OPEN_ESA_DS_OP_0720.kdz Android 8.x Oreo  3047602033  2018-08-08     9 time(s)
SEA H870DSU10m_00_OPEN_SG_DS_OP_1019.kdz Android 7.x Nougat  3347355439  2018-01-11    36 time(s)
SEA H870DSU20a_00_OPEN_SG_DS_OP_0518.kdz Android 8.x Oreo  3147627196  2018-06-08     107 time
SEA H870DSU20c_00_OPEN_SG_DS_OP_0725.kdz Android 8.x Oreo  3154667985  2018-08-09      13 time
SEA H870DSU20d_00_OPEN_SG_DS_OP_0810.kdz Android 8.x Oreo  3235916825  2018-08-30     8 time
SEA H870DSU20e_00_OPEN_SG_DS_OP_0921.kdz Android 8.x Oreo  3248712151  2018-10-18      1 time
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Dear worker, Before downloading the firmware, backup the firmware and save it to your computer. If a problem occurs after downloading the firmware then you can re-download the firmware and return it to the previous state. Your device should be fully charged before downloading. Here we have uploaded the LG G6+ (plus) Flash Firmware File [Stock ROM]  to cheek hundred percent.
  • First match the image of your phone.
  • Check that the version is correct with the phone's image.
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