OUKITEL K Series All Model Flash Firmware Firmware [Stock ROM]

On this page, you will find the direct official link to download OUKITEL K Series All Model Flash Firmware Firmware [Stock ROM]. All flash firmware comes in a zip package, which post's flash firmware, flash tool and USB driver install guidelines,
OUKITEL K Series All Model Flash Firmware Firmware [Stock ROM]
OUKITEL MIX 2 OUKITEL_MIX_2_V24_20180112.rar
OUKITEL K10 OUKITEL_K10_V12_20180112.rar
OUKITEL K6 OUKITEL_K6_V21_20180117.rar
OUKITEL K10000 MAX OUKITEL_K10000_MAX_B137820_B13.0F5.0_GLP_F323_V013_20171213.zip
OUKITEL K10000 Pro OUKITEL_K10000_Pro_V1.0_20170531-sign
OUKITEL K10000 OUKITEL_K10000_V4.0_20160418 (android 5.1software)
OUKITEL_K10000_V12_20160815 (android 6.0 latest,A2 camera)
OUKITEL K10000_FZ_V1.0_20160818(white background boot animation,android6.0)
OUKITEL_K10000_HCAM_V2.0_20160620.rar (android6.0,A1camera)
OUKITEL K8000 OUKITEL_K8000_V13_20171027
OUKITEL K7000 K7000(SD fingerprint)OUKITEL_K7000_V20.0
K7000(XW fingerprint)OUKITEL_K7000_XW_V23
OUKITEL K6000 Plus OUKITEL_K6000_Plus_V23_20170726(GMS certified)
OUKITEL K6000 PRO OUKITEL_K6000_Pro_FZ_V26_20170830
OUKITEL K6000 OUKITEL_K6000_V8.0_20160411(android 5.1)
OUKITEL_K6000_V04_20170320.rar 548(android 6.0)
OUKITEL K5000 MP_mt6750n_p605_s47-k5000_ouqi_cc_512gbitp32d3_n0_lte_3m-fdd-cs_mul_20171226-172712_songlixin_PC
OUKITEL K4000 PLUS K4000Plus_K4000Plus_6.0.036.P1.170814.S21.DYKJ_OUKI_S21_OE.NOEFUSE.CPB
OUKITEL Tool(K4000 Plus) K4000 PLUS tool
OUKITEL K4000 OUKITEL_K4000_V12.0_20160825
OUKITEL_K4000_V7.0_20160216(no cappu desktop)
OUKITEL K4000 Pro OUKITEL_K4000_PRO_V5.0_20160907-white
OUKITEL K4000 LITE E3101_OUKITEL_K4000_Lite_QHD_V5.0_20160926
All Firmware Working Tool

 Flash Guideline
  • Download & Extract MDT V1620 ForUpgrade Flash Tool on Your Computer.
  • Now Install this Tool and Usb Driver on Your Computer.
  • Open Tool & Add Flash Firmware File on Your Desktop.
  • Connected Dvice to your computer With Usb Cable.
  • Click Start all tab.
That's it ! You have completed the installation process.!
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