Unlock Boot Nokia X6-4GB and 6GB RAM Flash Firmware File (Stock ROM)

On this page you will find out Nokia X6-4GB and 6GB RAM flash firmware file and install guideline. Also in addition page from this, all the information related to this flash firmware file is described here. We've used the USB driver and flash tool to flash this mobile phone in flash firmware file.It is a Nokia X6-4GB and 6GB RAM all Flash Firmware File [Stock ROM] currently comes in zip package.The Nokia X6 running on Android version which is manufactured by Qualcomm Snapdragon. Nokia  for flash Firmware on this device.

Nokia X6 ROM Details
Chipset: Snapdragon
Download Type: Zip
Android Os: v8.1

Dear worker, Before downloading the firmware, backup the firmware and save it to your computer. If a problem occurs after downloading the firmware then you can re-download the firmware and return it to the previous state. Your device should be fully charged before downloading. Here we have uploaded the Nokia X6 Flash Firmware File [Stock ROM]  to cheek hundred percent.
  • First match the image of your phone.
  • Check that the version is correct with the phone's image.

 Boot Unlock Instruction
Boot into bootloader mode: 
Now boot your Nokia smartphone to the bootloader Ior downloadI mode. Follow these steps for bootloader mode: 
1. Turn off your phone. 
2. Connect the USB cable to the device on Your Computer.
3. Press and hold Volume Down + Power key together till you reach the screen reads that reads “Download mode”. Alternatively, you can also use the command adb reboot bootloader in the adb interface to reboot the phone to bootloader mode. Unlock the bootloader: The final step is to connect the Nokia phone to the Computer and send the bootloader unlock command along with the unlock key which you acquired earlier. 

Here are the details: 
1. Ensure that your Nokia Phone is detected by fastboot by running: fastboot devices.
2. If your device is detected, then send the following command: Note: Replace UnlockFile.bin with the name or full path of your unlock file. fastboot flash unlock UnlockFile.bin 
3. Now send the command to unlock the bootloader. fastboot oem unlock-go 
4. On some Nokia devices, you will receive a bootloader unlock confirmation prompt. It looks like the following. Use the volume keys to select “Unlock the bootloader” and then press the power key to confirm. 
5. Fastboot flash unlock unlockfile.bin 
6. Fastboot flashing unlock_critical 2. Root Nokia 2018 Reboot your phone and download Magisk Manager Dowload and copy file boot stock your version Copy Magisk Manager and Magisk-v17.1 to folder download on phone. Install Magisk Manager Make boot file from Magisk Manager • Press Install - Install - Patch Boot Image File, and select your stock boot version image file Magisk Manager will now patch your boot image, and store it in /Internal Storage//Download/patched_boot.img Copy the patched boot image to your computer. If you can't find it via MTP, you can pull the file with ADB: • adb pull /sdcard/Download/patched_boot.img • Flash the patched boot image to your device and reboot. Here is the command if using fastboot: fastboot flash boot /path/to/patched_boot.img
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