Download Latest ADB Fastboot Android SDK Platform Tools

The Android SDK and Android Studio are tools for developers only and they are used for Android application. However, if you are just a nerd who messes around your phone for smaller jobs like unlocking the bootloader, flashing boot, recovery image or the full factory images occasionally, downloading the full Android SDK or Studio is no more necessary. You can now download the latest ADB and Fastboot tool or Android SDK Platform Tools zip file depending on your computer’s OS separately.
When downloading you should make sure that you download the latest version of these. Android is changing itself by means of new versions and updates. So an older version of the ADB and Fastboot tools won't be of any use to you. If you use the official Google source to download these tools you can be sure that you get the latest version of these tools that are compatible with the new Android version. When you download from third-party sources, you may end up getting older versions that might also have some malicious files. So the official Google source is always recommended to download these tools.

Although some new features in these tools are available only for recent versions of Android, the tools are backward compatible, so you need only one version of the SDK Platform-Tools.

How to Install on Windows
To install adb, there is no need to install complete Android Studio or SDK manager. Google has provided direct links to install adb on your computer system. Ok! Now open this download link and select the download file as per the operating system of your computer.
The file will be downloaded in a zip format. Extract the file and the type the target location as c:\adb for the extraction of files.
So, now if you navigate to C Drive, you will see a folder named adb, open it and there is a subfolder named platform-tools. In this folder, you will see the adb.exe and other supporting files.
Now, to use the adb command, open command prompt. Press “windows” + “R” keys on the keyboard and you will get run-command window on the screen, now type cmd to open the command prompt.
Next, to run the adb.exe command, you need to first move to its containing folder. So type C\.
This will move you to the Root drive i.e C drive.
Now type cd adb
It will take you inside adb folder like c:\adb
Now  type cd platform-tools in front of c:\adb
So your effective command line will show c:\adb\platform-tools
Here you are. Now you can use adb commands by typing adb and use other suffixes as per your requirements.
OR alternatively, on your system navigate to the folder where the zip file is extracted. Now pressing shift key on the keyboard and right click on the blank space on the screen and select open command windows here.
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