Download MediaTek IMEI Write Tool For Android Device

You want MediaTek IMEI Write Tool For Android Device. In this page, We are provide MediaTek imei Write Tool is a small Windows utility tool from MediaTek that lets you write original IMEI on your Android device quite easily. Here, we have provided all versions of SN write tool including the latest version.

Are you using an smartphone or tablet android device? If yes are you searching for a tool that allows you to write IMEI on your android device? If yes is your answer again, then you are on the right page. Download SN Write Tool from here, install it on your Pc and write IMEI on your device instantly.

Download  MediaTek IMEI Write Tool

Tool Version
Download Link
SN Write Tool V1.1516.00
SN Write Tool V1.1520.00
SN Write Tool V1.1528.00
SN Write Tool V1.1532.00
SN Write Tool V1.1536.00
SN Write Tool V1.1554.00
SN Write Tool V1.1552.00
SN Write Tool V131604.00
SN Write Tool V1.1620.00
SN Write Tool V1.1632.00
SN Write Tool V1.1636.00
SN Write Tool V1.1640.00
SN Write Tool V1.1648.00
SN Write Tool V1.1712.00
SN Write Tool V1.1716.00
SN Write Tool V1.1728.00
SN Write Tool V2.1436.00
SN Write Tool V2.1440.00
SN Write Tool V2.1452.00
SN Write Tool V2.1504.00- Latest

How to use it: SN Write Tool for imei write on your MediaTek android Device: 
  1. Now get started, download SN write tool compressed file and extract it to a folder on your computer. Now click on “SN Writer.exe extension file” to launch the SN Write Tool window.
  2. Next, in the SN Write Tool window select “USB VCOM” on the “ComPort” option. 
  3. Now choose your device type in the “Target Type” drop down. For example, if you are going to flash IMEI on your smartphone select the “Smart Phone” option. 
  4. Next, click on “System Config” and enable Wifi Address, BT Address and IMEI in the “Write Option“. 
  5. Now enable “Dual IMEI” in the “IMEI Option” if you have a Dual SIM device. Or else, leave it as it is. 
  6. Next, click on “MD1_DB” under “Database File” and select the MD1_DB of your device. Follow the same procedure and add the “AP_DB” file. Once done, click on the “Save” button. 
  7. Now in the SN Write Tool main window, click on the “Start” button to launch the “Scan Data” window.
  8. Next, in the “Scan Data” window, enter the IMEI_1, IMEI_2, BT Address (Bluetooth Address) and WiFi Address. Once all the details are entered, click the “Ok” button.
  9. Now switch off your device and remove the battery (if is removable). Once done, connect your device to the computer using the original USB data cable. As soon as your device is connected, the IMEI flashing process will begin.
  10. Once the IMEI flashing process is finished.

That’s it. Now you have successfully finished writing IMEI on your android device using SN Write Tool. 

  1. Write Multiple Or Single IMEI: Using this tool, you can write single or multiple (up to 4 IMEI’s) IMEI on your Android device.
  2. Supports Different Write Options: Apart from writing IMEI on your device, the SN Write tool lets you write Wi-fi Address, Bar code, WiFi Eppcopy, BT Address, DRM key MCID and Mac Address.
  3. Remove IMEI Lock: If you would like to remove IMEI lock option from your device, you can use this tool to do it.
  4. Multiple Device Support: SN Write Tool supports writing IMEI on all types of MediaTek devices, Smartphone, Rndis Dongle, Feature Phone, Tablet and SP Dual Modem.
  5. Supports All MediaTek Devices: You can use this tool to write IMEI on all devices using MediaTek chipset.
  6. Database File Required: To use this tool, you need to have the database file of your device. If you don’t have it, download stock firmware for your device and get the database file.
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