Download Nubia Emergency Tool 1.0.6

In this page you will find out Nubia Emergency Tool 1.0.6. Also in addition page from this, all the information related to this tool is described here. We've provide the USB driver and this tool to install stock rom Nubia Smartphone Device. It is a Nubia Emergency Tool 1.0.6 equipment, This item currently comes in zip package.
You are using a Nubia Android Device. ZTE Nubia makes some of the best Android Smartphones. Just in case you don't already know the Nubia smartphones are under ZTE. Anyways, it seems like you are not one of those users who use their Smartphone for just basic tasks. You all are different, you like customizing your smartphone according to your taste and preferences and wish to get the most out of Nubia Emergency Tool 1.0.6.

Model of Supported Nubia Devices
Nubia Z17, Z17 Mini, Z17 Mini S, Z17S, Nubia Z11, Z11 Mini, Z11 Max, Z11 Mini S, Nubia Z9, Nubia Z9 Max, Nubia 9 Mini, Nubia M2, Nubia X6, nubia my prague and Nubia Z7 Series.

Alert Before Using Nubia Emergency Tool
  • Download and Install Nubia USB Drivers on your Computer.
  • Your Nubia Android Smartphone should be in the above list and should have a minimum charge of 70%.
  • We recommend you to take a full backup of your Android Device, just in case something gets wrong.
  • You should have the Qualcomm QDL Driver for your Nubia Device installed on your Computer.
 Using Guide of Nubia Emergency Tool 1.0.6 to Update,Unbrick on Nubia Android Device:

Step-1: Read above Alert Before Using-do basic requirements.

Step-2: Download and Install Nubia Emergency Tool 1.0.6 on your computer.

Step-3: Now turn your device into QDL Mode, you can follow 3 way's go to enter QDL Mode.
  • 1st Method: Dial *#7678# and turn on FactoryPort.
  • 2nd Method: Enter the command via fastboot adb tool read this post Install/Download ADB Fastboot-SDK Platform.
  • 3rd Method: Via volume navigation key for bricked devices. Switch off the device and hold Volume Up + Down + Power Key and Connect USB Cable.
Step-4: Run Nubia emergency tool and Follow the below process.

Step-5: Once recovery flashing is done Now Download the full ROM.

Step-6: Now copy the full ROM zip to SD card or phone Storage.

Step-7: Turn your phone into Recovery MODE by Volume Up + Power ➔ Go to Install and Browse the full Stock Firmware ROM zip and wait for complete the installing.

Step-8: Once ROM flashing done, do Wipe/Factory Rest and reboot the phone.

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