How to backup Android Apps and Data using Titanium

This is the Titanium Backup official manual. If this is the first time you are using Titanium Backup, this is the best place to begin. It will enhance your understanding on the application and at the same time tell you why is this application a must have for any Android user.
Titanium Backup uses an optimized, built-in version of busybox by default, so you usually don’t need to change anything. If, however, you have problems with root access or with busybox, try hitting the “Problems” button to upgrade your “Superuser” app first. If the issue persists, you may try to enable the “Force use system busybox” option in the preferences as a last resort.
How to backup Android Apps and Data using Titanium

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Backup Android Phone Apps and Data with Titanium Backup

1➔ Download Titanium Backup or Titanium Backup Pro and Install the application from play store and after successful installation, Pop-up appears to grant the permission to root access, grant it.

2➔ After successful SuperSu authorization, the application will check for framework settings. It will demonstrate to you the Main screen(Overview).
3➔ Now setup your backup area by selecting “Preferences" from the primary menu. You can pick your backup area; likewise, you can backup your device data on the cloud also. It has three choices for cloud storage Dropbox, Box and Google Drive.

4➔ You have two alternatives to take backup. To begin with backup an application independently or backup all applications on the one click. To backup a solitary application go to 'Backup/Restore' alternative tap on the application and snap backup. It will backup your application.

5➔ For Batch operation move to the "Batch" choice from Main Menu. With the cluster backup, you can backup all user applications, all system applications (not preferred) and all user applications with data in a single snap. Additionally, the application has a choice to backup all recently introduced applications and new version of the applications.
6➔ For Batch operation tap on "Run" beside Backup all user applications or you can pick any method from the dropdown. It will display all your applications when you tap on Run. Select all applications and tap on green tick () that situated on the right corner. It will begin the backup procedure when you tap on green tick.

7➔ It will take some time to backup all your selected applications, so you can minimize the application. The application will inform you when backup finished. So this is the way to backup your applications using titanium backup.

Restore your Apps with Titanium backup App:

1➔ Restoring for the first time, you need to pick the Titanium backup folder from Preferences.

2➔ Now go to the batch menu (Menu➔ Batch) or navigate to Backup/Restore screen to restore single application.

3➔ Now in Batch menu you can see numerous choices to restore your applications like restore all user applications, restore all system applications or restore all user applications and system data.
4➔ For Batch operation tap on "Run" button beside ‘Restore all user applications with data’ and tap on the green tick on the following screen.

5➔ The restoring procedure will begin, and it will restore all your selected applications with data, restore games progress, and you have all your applications as before when you made the backup.
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