How to Adjust Haptic Strength on the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch OS device is equipped with a revolutionary taptic engine that generates the small vibrations felt, on the wearer’s wrist, whenever a new notification lands in, or anytime when an alert is triggered on the Apple Watch and the device isn’t muted. Depending on your own experience, with the wrist-worn gadget, you can tweak the Haptic Strength and even use a bonus feature called Prominent Haptic, to make sure that you feel those gentle vibrations.

Even though you have set up the haptic settings on your watch and linked it to your apple, you might be the type of person who prefers a loose strap, and you may not feel the haptic alerts even when the vibration settings are at maximum. If this is the case, you should install the Prominent Haptic option which adds intensity to the haptic. The haptic has an actual vibration that feels like a tap in case of notification or alert.


How to Adjust Haptic Strength

Firstly, you need to install your watch properly on your wrists. According to Apple, you can best experience the touch is the back of the watch is in contact with your skin. The strap must be tight on your hand so that the watch does not loosen when your wrists move. It must lose enough to be comfortable and tight enough to improve haptic effects.
The haptic strength of the Apple smartwatch can be set to vibrate at two levels of intensity. The settings are directly controlled on the wrist watch or through the paired apple.

Steps to Adjust Haptic Strength
  1. To access the app menu, press the index button and flick your wrist to wake.
  2. Tap on the settings and scroll down to sounds and haptic
  3. Adjust the haptic strength by pressing two buttons next to the haptic level. The left one reduces the intensity while the right one increases the intensity.
  4. Pick your apple smart watch and open the Apple watch App
  5. Open my watch-scroll to sounds and haptics and use the commands to change the haptic strengths
  6. Enable Prominent Haptic Feature

From the menu on the iwatch or the paired iOS device, you can disable or enable the feature. The prominent Haptic feature is only available with the Watch OS 1.0.1 version. To disable or enable the feature from the menu, scroll down to sounds & Haptics menu, scroll down and tap on the knob to the disable the feature.

Fact: Common alerts on the Apple Watch have different vibration patterns. For example, a Message notification is highlighted by a single vibration, while the “Time to Stand” alert generates two gentle taps. This way you can recognize an alert without checking the display. However, with Prominent Haptic ON, discerning vibration becomes a little difficult.

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