Download & Install SHAREit on Your Windows - Latest Version

This is a special application that can be used to transfer a wide range of different types of files between two devices. The programme is free of charge and is compatible with Windows, Lenovo, Android, iOS and many other types of popular platforms and has a solid reputation for working quickly and smoothly.

The software is one of the fastest methods of sending and receiving files between devices and in fact it is able to transfer files up to forty times faster than Bluetooth. SHAREit is also significantly faster than NFC and transfer speeds are typically dictated by the Wi-Fi connection rather than the software itself.


SHAREit Safe to Use?
The software has a good reputation for being very safe and checks are made regularly to ensure that it does not contain viruses. People who need to share sensitive documents and files can opt for an extra level of security by choosing the secure option before sharing their documents.

What Type of Files Can be Sent?
A wide range of different types of documents can be sent between devices in just a few seconds. Users can also share various other types of content such as photos, apps, music and even videos that they have created themselves or downloaded onto their device.

Is it Possible to Share an Entire Folder?
Although it may take a little longer to share an entire folder with SHAREit compared to individual files, sharing a folder is very easy. Simply go into the programme’s browser and select the entire folder that you wish to send to another device and then click on Select to choose the folder and send it. Can Other SHAREit Users Connect to a Device Without Permission

Is There a Spanish Language Version of SHAREit?
The programme is currently available in 39 different languages to ensure that people from all around the world can use it with ease. In addition to English, French and German, Spanish is one of the most popular languages among users, while other popular language options include Russian, Cantonese and Arabic.


Is There a Limit on the Size of a File Can be Shared?
SHAREit can be used to share files and folders of any size to any device and a wide range of different types of files can be shared. However, it should be noted that files that are very large will take longer to send than small files and a little patience is often needed.

Where are Received Files Stored?
Users who have received files via SHAREit will usually find that the files are saved on the SD card of their device. It is possible to check the location of shared files by checking the Transfer History of the device as well as searching the Common folder in the SHAREit Settings directory.

Does SHAREit Use Data?
It is possible to send files via a Wi-Fi connection so that no data is used. In fact, it is often faster to share files via a Wi-Fi connection and this is an especially good option for people who are travelling in another country and want to avoid roaming charges.

Download SHAREit for Windows & macOS
This part is the essential part of this blog post, and you have come to Download SHAREit For windows, As you know SHAREit is available for all platform most of our readers want to Download it for the Windows, but some are also want to download it for Mac Os.

The process to download SHAREit for windows is the same for both platform, you need to click on the below button.

Compatibility: The latest version work on the Windows 7,8,8.1 and 10, so feel free to download there is no separate version for different Windows.

Steps to Install on your Windows:
After Downloading SHAREit in your pc you have to click on the downloaded setup to install, Installing process is too easy you need to follow some steps, Below is the complete guide to install SHAREit on your windows.
  1. When you will click on the .exe setup file this type of message will be in front of you, Here you have to click on the ‘Next’ button to reach the next step.
  2. In this step, you have to select the destination location that where your application will be installed, by default, it installs in the C:\Program Files (x86)\SHAREit Technologies\SHAREit. If you want, then you can change this location, but I recommend that you should keep it default.
  3. After completing the previous step, you will be informed about the Installing processing . Here you have to click on the ‘Finish’ button.
  4. This is the final step to install SHAREit, and it will take around 30 seconds to complete, after that your SHAREit installation process is done, now you can use it to transfer any files. Below you will also learn that How to Use SHAREit in windows.

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