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It's official: Android 10 (formerly known as Android Q) is out now, and you can download it on your phone if you know how to.

If you have a device that'll run Android 10, we'll show you how. It couldn't be easier, and will give you access to all new features like dark mode and compatibility for Face ID-style facial recognition when you buy apps or make in-app purchases. So without wasting your time further, this is how to download Android 10 on your phone.
You'll need a compatible handset, and at the moment that's only the Google Pixel series of smartphones, but we'd expect new devices to be eligible soon.

How to download Android 10 on your Pixel phone

First, find the Settings app in your phone. That's a very easy ask, as it'll usually come on the first page of your apps when you buy a new phone, and there's little reason to move it.From here, either use the settings search option, or scroll down to find 'System'. Select this option.Now, find the 'Advanced' tab at the bottom, and open it up. The last of these options is 'System update', which you should select.

You should be presented with loads of information about Android 10, as well as the option to download it to your phone. If this isn't the case, either you're already on Android 10, or your phone isn't compatible at this time. Either way, bad luck.Start the update and the phone will do the work from here. Make sure it's connected to Wi-Fi if you don't want to use up your data allowance, and if your phone is low on battery it's worth keeping the handset plugged in.
After some time, Android 10 will be downloaded. You'll have to restart your phone to get it to work properly, but when you're back in, you'll be welcomed into the newest Android operating system. Congratulations!

How to download Android 10 on another smartphone

At the moment, only Pixel smartphones can upgrade to Android 10, but in time all phones will be able to run the operating system (except iPhones, sorry!). Since many Android smartphones run their own user interface over the top of Google's base, the actual route to downloading Android 10 can be a little confusing, but there's an easier way.Most phones' settings apps have a search bar, so you don't have to fiddle around in menus for ages to find what you're looking for.Simply type 'system update' into the search bar to jump straight to the option to upgrade. It's easy and hassle-free, although the availability depends on when the phone manufacturer makes the newest operating system available.

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