How to download the latest iOS 13 public beta

Notice: The final version of iOS 13 and the iPhone 11 are both almost here, but you don't need to wait for the former. All you have to do to try it early is enroll in the public beta program on Apple's website. It's fairly painless to download and install and totally free. Our full guide to doing it is below.

Here’s how to download the iOS 13 public beta and the iOS 13 developer beta, but be warned – these aren’t guaranteed to be completely stable.
Some apps may not work with the iOS 13 beta until the final release (we've experienced that before in prior iOS betas).
But keep reading if you’re willing to do a little legwork to get an early taste of iOS 13 Dark Mode and some of the other cool new features coming in the next iPhone operating system.

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11R are set to launch on September 10 (tomorrow at the time of writing!) and with them we'll likely get the final release date for iOS 13, but if we had to guess we'd say you'll probably be able to download it on or around September 20. That's very soon, but if you just can't wait, the beta is available now and has been for some time.

In fact, the beta has gone through numerous iterations, becoming more stable and feature-complete in the process, so while it still won't be the perfected version of the software Apple will soon roll out, it should be close.
There are both public and developer versions of the beta. The former is far easier to install, while developers wondering how to get iOS 13 beta onto an iPhone may need a little help this year, as there's no over-the-air update. We're here to help with instructions.

1. Before getting iOS 13 beta, backup your iPhone

If you want to try out either public or developer beta, we recommend you back up your iPhone first – just in case. That way, you can restore your phone’s settings, apps, and data to normal (that is, on a stable version of iOS) should something go wrong.
  • So before downloading to iOS 13 beta, head over to our supreme guide on how to back up your iPhone.

Once you've done that, read on for our guide to getting the public iOS 13 beta, or skip further down to grab the developer beta.

2. Register for the public beta

To get access to the public beta you first need to follow this link from the device you plan to use and enroll (or simply log in if you've previously enrolled) by entering your AppleID.
Then, hit the 'iOS' tab, followed by 'enroll your iOS device', and then 'download profile'.

3. Install the profile

Next, head to Settings > General > Profile, tap the iOS 13 beta profile and hit 'Install'. You'll have to confirm that you've read the displayed terms and conditions, then allow your iPhone to be restarted.

4. Install the iOS 13 beta

Once your device has rebooted, head back to Settings > General, but this time tap 'Software Update', followed by 'Download and Install'. You'll have to confirm a couple more times, including to say that you've read the terms and conditions. Then simply wait for iOS 13 to install and your phone to reboot.
Congratulations! You're now running a version of iOS that's so new it's not even out yet.

How to get the iOS 13 Developer Beta

If you want to test iOS 13 developer beta but aren’t enrolled in Apple’s Developer Program, go to the Apple Developer Program signup page and follow the instructions.
You’ll need to provide your Apple ID along with some basic personal information. Remember that registering costs $100 (about £69, AU$140) to enroll as a new developer. But you'll also have early access to macOS and other beta software.
Got your developer account? Great. First, head to Apple’s developer page here. Click the ‘Operating Systems’ tab at the top. Now, you guessed it, scroll down to the section marked ‘iOS 13 beta.’
Next, choose between installing using the macOS 10.15 beta or through the Xcode 11 beta, and you’ll actually install it via iTunes (ironically, as iTunes is going away soon).
Now you’ll pick from a list of phones to choose which iPhone you’re loading the iOS 13 beta to. Keep in mind that there’s a new minimum threshold: anything older than the iPhone SE, iPhone 6S or iPod Touch (7th generation) won’t be able to update to this version of iOS.
And..that’s it. Enjoy the iOS 13 beta, and keep checking in to see if a new version is ready to be downloaded.


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