How to use Google Assistant with Google Maps?

In this article in Lifewire describes the process you need to complete to do this, and it can prove to be a useful feature if you want the same features as an Android user.

How to use Google Assistant with Google Maps

An easy way to use Google Assistant to help you on your travels is to use it with Google Maps. iPhone user? Just download the app from the App Store first.

For example, if you want Google Assistant to help you find the best way to get home from work, you must enter an address like 'Home' in the Google Maps app.

Once done, you can say "take me home" to Google Assistant, and it will retrieve information from Google Maps to show or verbally explain the best route based on your current location.

You can also check for traffic updates and get the latest information about redirects and closed roads, which is especially useful if you're driving and you can't look at your phone.

How to book hotels and flights with Google Assistant

If you are planning a vacation, you can use Google Assistant to book your hotel and explore the best flight options, thus facilitating the booking of a trip.

To book a hotel, you can give Google Assistant commands like "book a room at [hotel name] at [location] or" book a room at [hotel name] at [location] for [travel date] ".

You can also get Google Assistant to investigate suitable flights by asking questions like "how much does it cost to fly to Berlin?" or commands like "find flights to Rome".

Have you already booked a flight? If you are in the United States, you can even check out your flight and find out if it is delayed, although you have to keep in mind that this feature only works for US domestic flights.

When you arrive at your destination, you can ask Google Assistant for vacation tips, like asking for "things to do in London".

How to convert currency and translate language

Not sure how many Swedish kronor you get for your US dollars? You can ask Google Assistant for almost all conversions you can think of.

The same goes for translations. If you are wondering what the word for "hello" is in Swedish, you can just say "What is the Swedish word for" hello "?" And the assistant answers directly with the correct answer: "Hej!"

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