Samsung release Galaxy A11, A31 and A41 with 64GB biggest storage

The alleged Galaxy A11 has recently been the protagonist of a further rumor that has proposed its launch exclusively in the Asian and African market. with Android 10 and 32GB of storage. There is no exact date for the debut, but the debut at the beginning of 2020 is likely.

The trio of smartphones in development is a candidate to give the change to the low and medium-low Galaxy A models.

Samsung’s Galaxy A-line was a big hit in the past year and the company will aim to carry on the success in 2020 with its new additions like the A11, A31 and A41. These models were tipped to come with the SM-A115X, SM-A315X, and SM-A415X model numbers and the big news is that they will all start at 64GB of biggest onboard storage.

For the moment, we do not know a lot of information on the three terminals. We have only the model numbers, respectively corresponding to SM-A115F, SM-315F and SM-415F. And there is a generic reference to memory cuts that will be better than those of the previous range. For example, the possibility of choosing models with 64 or 128GB of storage.

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