Realme 7's first teaser goes live

Let the teasers begin – the Realme 7 is getting close to official announcement as the company kicks off the promo campaign with the tweet below. The motto of the campaign is “Redefining fastest” except with a “7” instead of an “F”, just so it’s clear which phone they are talking about.

This isn’t the Realme X7 – that is part of the X-series while this is the sequel to the Realme 6, which came out in March of this year. Well, “sequels” more likely as there should be at least a vanilla and a Pro model.

CEO Madhav Sheth promises to talk about the Realme 7 in the upcoming #AskMadhav episode, which is just a few days away. You can expect “a direct take on difficult tech choices while #BuildingTheFaster7”.

The CEO asked fans about fingerprint positioning and the result was pretty clear – people want an in-display reader (the Realme 6 series uses side-mounted readers).

Unofficially, there’s talk of 6 W fast charging for the Realme 7 Pro. Now that’s fast, especially considering that we’re talking about Realme’s mid-range series here. Again, this is unconfirmed for now – you’ll have to tune into the next Q&A session with the CEO if you want more official info on the upcoming lineup.

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