Realme is coming with Android 11



As a tech-trending smartphone brand, Realme has always been at the forefront of adopting cutting-edge technology. Realme announced in a statement that Google recently officially released Android 11, and that the brand will play a leading role in the enjoyment of Android 11 for users among phone makers. Following that statement, Realme brought a preview of Android 11 to the smartphone Realme X50 Pro for use in their community.


On June 10, 2020, Google unveiled Android 11 Beta One. The next day, Realme announced that it was working on launching the Android 11 developer preview program on the brand's X50 Pro. Within a few days, Developer Preview was launched in the Realme community.

Android 11 has made it much easier to manage conversations, connectivity to other devices, and the privacy of information. Android 11 has greatly enhanced the user experience by taking a number of steps to improve network optimization and adaptation across devices to protect users' privacy.



Realme is one of the first smartphone companies to bring Android 10 to its customers in 2019. For customers, Realme brings their own Realme UI 1.0, designed to meet the hopes, expectations and needs of the creative young generation. Inspired by the daily lifestyle of young users of Realme, this UI is arranged in a minimalist design and fashionable design. There will be a deeper connection between Android 11 and Realme UI to provide a more immersive experience for Realme smartphone users.


Realme has gained wide popularity by increasing the popularity of trendy technology and bringing various innovative products in each price list for the convenience of young users around the world. Realme smartphones have become unique in their powerful performance with high quality hardware. At the same time, Realme users are getting all the updates from Google on time and Realme X5 Pro users have now come up with the latest Android updates.
Realme, which is always committed to product research and development, is competing with pre-established phone makers by working on this promise. This philosophy of the brand confirms that "it is the job of young people to change the world."


In just two years of its launch in the global market, Realme has now reached 4.5 crore smartphone users in 61 countries and is in the top 5 of 9 markets. Realme has become the fastest growing smartphone brand in the world with the best combination of software and hardware for young people.

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