Google Rolling out for all - Android 11 compatible phones

New version of Android 11 designed to make cheap phones run faster


Android 11 has been released and if you've got a compatible smartphone you're able to download it and check out the new operating system (OS). More phones will become eligible over time, but the software is too burdensome to run on super-cheap or low-power phones - that's where Android 11 (Go edition) comes in.


Like the Go edition of Android 10, the Android 11 (Go edition) software is a lightweight version of the 'full-fat' operating system, designed to work on phones with low RAM and memory that might struggle to run the full version.

The Go edition of Android 11 is designed to work on phones with 2GB of RAM or less - that basically encompasses super-affordable phones, because many cheap phones have 3GB or 4GB of RAM now and premium devices have up to 16GB.




Android 11 compatible phones


These are the phones that are currently compatible with Android 11:

1. Google Pixel 2 / 2 XL

2. Google Pixel 3 / 3 XL 

3. Google Pixel 3a / 3a XL

4. Google Pixel 4 / 4 XL

5. Google Pixel 4a

6. Xiaomi Mi 10 / Mi 10 Pro


Perhaps the most useful feature of this light version of Android 11 is its speed boost - apparently apps will launch 20% faster on the software, which should save you precious seconds when using your phone.

Like in 'full-fat' Android 11, the Go edition brings a change to notifications, so ones from chat-related apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger get put in a separate 'conversations' tab to other notifications.

Another big change, that's been in non-Go Android phones for a while, is the introduction of gesture navigation. Enabling this removes the three navigation buttons at the bottom (the square, the circle and the triangle), and instead to navigate you swipe up from the bottom of the screen or across from the sides to get around. It's an intuitive and quick way of getting around your phone, but it takes some getting used to so it won't be for everyone.

Your files in Android 11 (Go edition) will also be better protected than before, as you'll be able to add PIN requirements to folders if you want, to stop people getting access to your personal data, images, videos and more.


It is easy to look at some of the changes here and not be thrilled. Android 11 is indeed one of the more subtle updates we have seen to the OS since its release. But, as we alluded to in the beginning, that is perfectly fine.

The features we did get this year are fairly remarkable. Conversations and Bubbles are going to greatly impact the way we communicate with people. Android has always had a great notification system, but these new features push it way beyond the competition to the point where it's not even close anymore. We particularly liked the inclusion of Bubbles; while it isn't a brand new invention that Google deserves credit for, it can be extremely useful, and as more apps add support for it, it will completely revolutionize the way you communicate and multitask.


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