Download Latest GSM Tools V1.3.0.1 Full Free

GSM Tool is a small handy tool application for windows. You can easy to download and install to use for your repairing jobs. It's helps to you re-install, Downgrade,  Upgrade, Unlock, IMEI repair and more mobile problem. Here, we are provide the GSM Tool for you full free.


GSM Tools V1.3.0.1 Full Latest Download Free


Setup: Setting this up very easy. once downloaded , navigate to your download folder once that is do. Just extract it with any RAR extractor like Winnrar or win-zip or 7zip. GSM Tools V1.3.0.1 Full Latest For Windows With administrator privilege and that's all it will open a new window with necessary features .

Compatible: The above Software runs smoothly on windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (32 bit and 64 bit).



Feature of GSM Tool:

GSM Tools v1.3.0.0

1. Fixed Bug in Moto Flasher

GSM Tools v1.3.0.0

1. Added New Base for Motorola Firmware Downloader (625 New Files)
2. Added New Feature to Motorola Firmware Downloader (Now You can Select Download Path for Files)
3. Added New Method to disable Claro/Telcel Lock (ADB Enabled)
4. Added New Method to disable Knox/RMM/MDM Lock on Samsung Devices (ADB Enabled)
5. Added FMI OFF With Proxy (Supports from 5s to 12 Pro Max), Just Register UDID and Follow Instructions
6. Fixed Issue with FMI OFF AutoRemove (JailBreak 6s - X)
7. Fixed Samsung Firmware Downloader
8. Added New Method for FRP Bypass in Samsung Devices (MTP Method)
9. Added Combination Download Option in Samsung Firmware Downloader
10. Removed FRP Remove By Server (Motorola Devices) - Service OFF

GSM Tools v1.2.0.5

1. Added Main Module with Bypass/Remove for RMM/KG/Knox Enrollment/MDM/Claro & Telcel Lock
2. Added new Feature to Moto Flasher (Can flash selected Partitions)
3. Added New Base for Motorola Firmware Downloader
4. Fixed Bug in Moto Flasher

GSM Tools v1.2.0.2

1. Fixed Lockscreen bug in iCloud Bypass Untethered (Passcode/Disabled)
2. Fixed Bug in Moto Firmware Downloader

GSM Tools v1.2.0.1

1. Fixed Account bug in iCloud Bypass Untethered
2. Fixed Bug in Moto Flasher
3. Added Motorola Firmware Searcher and Downloader
4. Added iCloud Remove (Jailbreak and Passcode/Disabled or Open Menu Devices) (Support iOs 13 and 14)
5. Fixed some known bugs

GSM Tools v1.1.0.2

1. Improved Security and Some bug fixes

GSM Tools v1.1.0.1

1. Fixed Issue with Motorola Server and Check Status

GSM Tools v1.1.0.0

2. Translated to English

GSM Tools v1.0.1.0

1. Mejorado Metodo de FRP Motorola (Soporta Seguridad Mayo 2020)
2. AutoLogin Actualizable con cada Cambio de Usuario (Arreglado)
3. Arreglado Problema de Conexion (Server Side)

GSM Tools v1.0.0.5

1. Arreglado Metodo de Bypass a Desactivados o con Codigo ( No Funcionaba)

GSM Tools v1.0.0.4:

1. Eliminadas las dependencias de Putty y pscp
2. Arreglada la conexion del Bypass a Desactivados o con Codigo
3. Arreglado Bug del Login
4. Arreglados Bugs de Motorola Codes, Flasher
5. Agregado Read Info Motorola

GSM Tools v1.0.0.3:

1. Conexion con Putty Arreglada.
2. Motorola Flasher Agregado.
3. Motorola Fastboot Fix Agregado.
4. Motorola FRP Agregado (Soporta Nuevas seguridades de 2020).

GSM Tools v1.0.0.2:

1. iCloud Bypass Server Connection Fixed.
2. Motorola Codes Service Bug Fixed.

GSM Tools v1.0.0.0:

1. iCloud Bypass Con Señal Para Equipos Bloqueados/Desactivados Agregado.
2. Motorola Codes Service Agregado.
3. Samsung Firmware Downloader Agregado.
4. iCloud Bypass Para Equipos Restaurados (Sin Señal) Agregado.

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