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Samsung's decision to send the Vanilla Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy S21 back to plastic did not sit well with many fans and enthusiasts. They, above all, paid for a flagship experience and did not fit perfectly with a plastic body equation. Fortunately, Samsung plans to fix things with the upcoming Galaxy S22 series, if a new leak is believed.

The Galaxy S22 can get a surprise premium upgrade

Heard from the famous Liquor Ice Universe source that all three Galaxy S22 models will have an all-glass body. This is a significant, often overlooked quality-of-life improvement that will help some disgruntled Samsung fans get back on track (heh). Through the pre-production dummies that appeared a few days ago, we first got an idea about the chassis components of the Galaxy S22 series.

Then again, we also need to keep in mind that most users will almost always cover their shiny new Galaxy S22 in a protective case, many of which will be Samsung itself, according to a report. In addition, all the camera sensors that come out of the body in the Galaxy S22 Ultra will force users to use a protective cover.

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While the inclusion of an all-glass body is a welcome addition to the Vanilla Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 +, we'd like to see other improvements as well, such as a QHD + screen on all three models, though less likely this time around. Nearby. Nevertheless, it is a step in the right direction and we sincerely hope that Samsung will do the same for future releases.



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