Symphony PD1 4G MT6731 Flash File 100% Tested (Firmware)

Hi Dear Symphony User, Are you searching for the Symphony PD1 4G Flash File or you want remove privacy, security lock, hang logo? You've come to the right place. Here is a link to collect all the materials to install stock firmware. For example, all the info including flash tool, USB driver and flashing guide are clearly mentioned. So that you can understand everything about it before downloading the flash file. Follow the paragraphs below for details.

Symphony PD1 4G MT6731 Flash File 100% Tested (Firmware)

This is the Symphony PD1 4G Firmware File. You can use it to fix almost all the software related problems to your mobile device. Such as: Dead Mode Recovery, Hang LCD, Black or White Display, Re-install, Downgrade, Upgrade, Pin Code Remove, Privacy Code Unlock, Password Unlock, Repair IMEI, Full Flash after Hardware Change etc.


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Overview: Symphony PD1 4G Flash File (Stock Firmware)

We are scanning it with a powerful antivirus to ensure security, after saving it by reading from a new mobile phone with the Chinese Miracle (CM2) update tool. In addition we have provided our website after testing by our skilled technicians. So you can download and use our flash file without any doubt. Hopefully the desired result awaits you.

Flash Reading info
1. Make sure device is powered off.
Power off, if need.
Wait 20 seconds after
2. Insert USB cable in phone
Waiting for device connection ...
PTFN : MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM (Android) (COM7)
PORT : 7
Waiting BOOT ack ...
PRELOADER : ACK confirmed!
BROM init passed!
CHIP : MT6739 , SBID : 0x8A00 , HWVR : 0xCB00 , SWVR : 0x0002
CODE : Zion
BROM : SecLevel : 0x00000000
BROM : SecMode  : PLAIN [+PRL]
BROM : BROM|BL  : 0xFF|0x02
MODE : 0_base : BASE_v1844 | Manual : Disabled
AGENT : Look for suitable BootChain in DA ...
AGENT : MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin
AGENT : Found MT6739
BROM : Sending 1st DA ...
BROM : DA sent
BROM :Transfer control to DA ...
DA : AGENT started!
DA : EXT_RAM initialized!
DA : BOOT to 2nd DA ...
DA : 2ND stage confirmed!
DA : SYNC with DA passed!
DA : Receiving HW info
SRAM: 0x00020000 [ 128.00 KB ]
DRAM: 0x20000000 [ 512.00 MB ]
EMMC: 90014A4834473261110211001014B4E1
EMMC: VEN : HYNIX | OEM : 4A01 | DEV : H4G2a
BOOT1  : 0x00400000 [ 4.00 MB ]
BOOT2  : 0x00400000 [ 4.00 MB ]
RPMB   : 0x00400000 [ 4.00 MB ]
USER   : 0xE9000000 [ 3.64 GB ]
CHIP : MT6739 , SBID : 0x8A00 , HWVR : 0xCB00 , SWVR : 0x0001 , EVOL : 0x0000
RNID : 8ED715FF9612F27AD5B8FD129262548C
Boot done!
Patch Level    : MRA58K
Display ID     : PD1_4G_HW1_V8
Ver. CodeName  : REL
Ver. Release   : 6.0
Sec. Patch     : 2015-10-01
Build Time     : 01.12.2021
Product Model  : PD1 4G
Product Brand  : Symphony
Product Name   : PD1_4G
Product Device : PD1_4G
Product Manfct : alps
Board Platform : mt6739
Product Info   : PD1_4G
Product Model  : mt6731
Read : preloader.bin
Read : recovery.img
Read : proinfo.img
Read : md1rom.img
Read : md1dsp.img
Read : spmfw.img
Read : mcupmfw.img
Read : nvram.bin
Read : lk.bin
Read : loader_ext.img
Read : boot.img
Read : logo.bin
Read : tz.img
Read : system.img
ExtSparse : Compression ratio : 60%
Read : cache.img
Read : userdata.img
FW Size  : 484.77 MB
Android Info saved : _Android_info.txt
Scatter  : MT6739_Android_scatter.txt
Saved to : C:\Users\rkMobile\Desktop\MT6739__alps__mt6731__6.0__PD1_4G_HW1_V8__MRA58K__PD1_4G
Read Done! alert-success

Download Symphony PD1 4G Flash File 100% Tested (Firmware)

Here is a direct link to download Symphony PD1 4G Stock Firmware. From which you can easily download your desired flash file. But yes, before downloading, read all the information section of stock rom carefully.

Before downloading, please match the firmware version and mobile picture at your own risk. The authorities will not be held responsible for your mistakes. alert-warning


Download (Gdrive)/download/button/#4281f5 

Download (AFHOST)/download/button/#3bd606 


How to Flash Symphony PD1 4G Stock ROM

You can flash with any box device or free crack tool. If you do not know how to install or flash firmware files or you do not have the equipment, you can easily follow our rules without any kind of device. See the Requirements section to find all the things you need.


  • A Windows PC or laptop
  • An advanced quality USB cable
  • A USB driver software that will help connect Windows and mobile devices.
  • A box device or crack flash tool.

Steps to install Symphony PD1 4G Flash File

  1. Download and extract the Symphony PD1 4G Flash File on your PC for ready for install.
  2. Install USB driver on your windows.
  3. After extract and open Flashtool.exe on your windows.
  4. Select firmware on Scatter loading section on your tool.
  5. Click to Download.
  6. Press and Hold boot key on mobile keypad (If needed).
  7. Connect the mobile device to the PC via USB cable.
  8. Now! Your firmware installing process has started, wait until it is finished.

If you follow all the rules I have shown, you can easily flash without any box. Inshallah.
However, if you want to know more or you can comment on any problem. I will try to reply as soon as possible. Thanks.

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