Namecheap promo code for buy domain (Latest)

A promotional code is a string of numbers and letters that shoppers can use to enjoy certain benefits on their purchases, such as free shipping or gifts. Depending on the purpose of the promotion code, access can be limited to specific customers from publicly available.

Namecheap promo code for buy domain (Latest)

There are plenty of ways to use promo codes to highlight your key offers You can either do this on the site on the main pages or you can put the promotion code in your email marketing campaign, giving your customers an incentive to make a purchase. As mentioned, promotion codes can be served in different areas of your marketing funnel. For example, you can display them in header and footer banners or even side panels throughout your user journey.

According to Namecheap internal data, we understand that over 20% of cart abandonment is caused by the price of an item, so by using a promotional code to offer a discount you can influence customers to return to your site by reducing one of the main reasons for their abandonment in the first place.

Why do promo codes work?

Promo codes basically allow the customer to get the item of their choice at a cheaper price thus improving their overall shopping experience. They work very well with both new and returning customers because they can be used in a variety of ways.

For example, public codes can be used for customer acquisition, which means including banners and overlays on the site to attract users' attention. Or use codes in cart abandonment emails, which can entice customers to complete their purchase if the reason for abandonment is price. The importance of customer service can also be felt when using promotional codes as they feel as if they are getting better service.

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