New YouTube Vanced Alternatives to Watch Videos

YouTube Vanced is easily one of the best inventions in recent history. It offered the YouTube experience but without all the annoyances like annoying ads, constant changes to the UI and questionable updates like the removal of the dislike counter. Vanced not only fixed all these issues, but it brought additional features that completely changed the way you consume content.

New YouTube Vanced Alternatives to Watch Videos

The SponsorBlock API still remains one of the best features that Vanced had to offer. It basically skips all sponsored sections and self-promotions, saving you a lot of time while watching videos Vanced also had a true AMOLED black theme that people really liked. Unfortunately, Vanced had to stop its operations after a notice from Google.

While nothing is as polished and seamless as YouTube Vanced, we have a few options that allow for an ad-free viewing experience and even enable you to download videos to your phone. So sit back, relax and enjoy as we read about some of the best YouTube Vanced options you should be using in 2022!


SkyTube to Watch Videos

SkyTube is similar to NewPipe in many ways, and if you're having trouble using either of them, we only recommend one over the other. Similar to NewPipe, SkyTube does not run on top of YouTube's API and thus allows for an ad-free video viewing experience. You can import your subscriptions to avoid starting from scratch, though the app doesn't yet support logging into a Google account.

NewPipe to Watch Videos

NewPipe is a solid alternative to YouTube Vanced. It doesn't rely on any of the Google frameworks to work and is instead based on another API that doesn't require your Google account to watch ad-free videos. The app has a simple interface without much going on. While you can import your subscription feed from an existing Google Account, you still can't sign in to one using the app. Newpipe allows you to download multiple videos in different quality options.

Use YouTube Premium to Watch Videos without Ads

As much as we hate to admit it, the best video viewing experience is offered by YouTube itself. Although it still lacks features like sponsorblock and dislike counter, there's no denying that the official YouTube app will give you the smoothest and fastest experience while consuming content. YouTube Premium gets rid of all ads for you, unlocks premium content and allows you to watch videos in picture-in-picture (PIP) mode. YouTube Premium has a pretty attractive price with its family plan, so you might want to check it out.

LibreTube to Easy Watch Videos

Rounding off the list, we have LibreTube, a beautiful YouTube client that offers an ad-free video viewing experience The app lets you customize the playback controls and is completely open-source, which means features can be added to it quite easily in the long run. The only downside for now is that LibreTube is still in beta and many features are missing, including the option to sign in with a Google account. That said, the app is fast, fluid and works as advertised.

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