WhatsApp Pro Marketing Software for PC

Are you a businessman or Digital marketer? you can't grow your business by chasing new customers every time, No matter what product. You should also look at old and regular customers. Advertising a product or service to a new customer costs a lot of money. In such a situation, if you have to spend money to reach a customer who has purchased once, your business costs will increase and your profit will decrease. So if any buyer buys once he has to take it regularly. Using Whats-pro you can get all regular customers for free!

Customers who have already purchased your product or service know you well, trust you, and can resell any product or service to them at no cost. Big companies collect the information of every customer and market products or services to them again and again. If you want to grow your business then you have to give 7 times more importance to an old customer than a new customer. Big companies do this all the time.


WhatsApp Pro Marketing Software for PC

Start developing relationships with regular customers today without spending any money using Whatsapp. Start collecting WhatsApp numbers of clients who contact you or buy products from today. Whenever your new products arrive, send messages with pictures or videos to clients for free via WhatsApp Pro. Hope you get a good order regularly.

 If you are a dealer of any fashion items and daily essentials including dresses, ornaments, furniture, you can increase your sales several times in the same way. If you are a teacher, you can send class updates, exam marks, notices, salary notices, assignments, video lectures, etc. information to your students without spending money and wasting time sending them one by one via WhatsPro with one click.


WhatsApp Pro Marketing Software for PC

So it can be said that you are teachers and educational institutions, doctors and medical institutions, cosmetics traders, writers and publishers, grocery traders, electronics traders, e-commerce traders, home made food traders, courier or delivery service companies, jewellery traders, IT companies, fund collections, marriages. Whatever business you are involved in including media, event management, garment business, medicine business, fashion item business, restaurant business, any service provider, lawyer, construction or real estate business, travel agency, education abroad etc. should be taken Regular buyers should be given importance. With WhatsPro you can increase your sales without spending.

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What is WhatsApp Marketing Software? 

SiCT's WhatsApp marketing software, WhatsPro allows you to automatically send messages to thousands of customers at once. WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media platforms today. WhatsApp is very user friendly and secure. With WhatsApp marketing software, you can send your product or service promotion to many people at once in the form of messages, images, documents and PDF files, which is not possible through mobile messaging. This free software will help you get your product or service to everyone.


WhatsApp Pro Marketing Software for PC

WhatsApp Messenger does not take kindly to sending unnecessary and unnecessary messages. So you have to be creative and use ethical methods of advertising to reach specific customers by following WhatsApp rules. You can easily promote your product or service to your customers through our software for free!


What can be done using WhatsApp marketing software?

  1. You can send unlimited messages every day without spending any money
  2. You can add images, videos or files to the text in the message
  3. You can send messages without saving the number
  4. You can send messages to many people at once
  5. You can send targeted messages to clients
  6. You can automatically generate as many numbers as you want
  7. You can verify which numbers have WhatsApp
  8. You can collect all numbers from different WhatsApp groups
  9. Can auto reply and track responses
  10. You can send messages using any WhatsApp number from a software
  11. You can import as many numbers as you want from Excel or Google Sheets as a file or you can import numbers by copying and pasting.
  12. Bulk mobile SMS has character limitation and cannot send any media files, using WhatsPro you can send any media or files including images, videos, links, attachments
  13. You will get instant and schedule message delivery facility. That is, you can send all the messages at once if necessary and you can send messages after a certain time if necessary. If messages are sent after a certain period of time, subscribers will not receive messages at once and reply. You can also take the time to talk to customers. For example, send a message with one click, but after 1 minute, the message will continue to go throughout the day. Note that you can set the time interval between two messages as needed.

Download WahtsApp Pro Marketing Software

This software will have the facility of WhatsApp message sender and SMS marketing together. WhatsApp Marketing Software is currently being used by 1,000+ businesses in Bangladesh. The latest version of the software was updated on May 26, 2021.

  • WhatsPro is getting free regular updates of WhatsApp marketing software.
  • License for use on multiple PCs
  • Enterprise package allows you to use WhatsPro on multiple computers or laptops at no extra cost.
  • In Enterprise package you can use WhatsPro on computer or laptop for lifetime without extra cost.

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