Winstar W98 price in Bangladesh and full features

Winstar W98 price in Bangladesh

Winstar W98 Specification

NetworkGSM 900MHz
SIMDual Standby
Display2.4" display
CameraDigital Camera
Battery2800mAh Li-ion
Dual Big Torch
MemoryExpandable up to 32GB
Privacy Lock
RecorderYes, Call Recorder
OthersGames, FM, Recording, Call Blocking  Flashlight

In this era of constant connectivity, having a reliable and affordable mobile phone is not just a convenience, it is a necessity Winstar W98 is very nice and budget-friendly mobile phone, which offers essential features for talking and messaging. Let's know Winstar W98 price in Bangladesh and its features in detail.

Winstar W98 Price in Bangladesh

Winstar W98 is for those who are looking for a functional feature mobile device without the hefty price tag. This phone plays an important role in the consumption decision making in Bangladesh today, so Winster W98 can be one of the choices as an affordable phone. With a price range for the budget-conscious, it is designed to bring essential communication within the reach of a wide audience. Winstar w98 Price in Bangladesh ৳1450/- Taka only (Official)

Winstar W98 Features

Although the Winstar W98 is budget-friendly, it doesn't compromise on the features users need from a mobile device. Let's take a look at some of the standout features that make this mobile an attractive option:

1. 2.4" display: The Winstar W98 boasts of a clear and vibrant display, allowing users to comfortably view messages, photos and videos. Whether you're browsing social media or reading text messages, the display offers a satisfying visual experience.

2. Powerful Battery: One of the concerns of modern smartphones is battery life. The Winstar W98 counters this by offering a reliable battery that ensures you stay connected throughout the day without constantly hunting for a charger.

3. Dual SIM Capability: Many users in Bangladesh rely on dual SIM cards for convenience and cost savings. The Winstar W98 accommodates this need by offering dual SIM card slots, allowing you to manage personal and work contacts without the hassle of carrying two devices.

4. Camera: While not aiming to compete with high-end camera phones, the Winstar W98 still features a serviceable camera for quick snapshots. It's a handy tool for capturing moments on the go without the need for a separate camera.

5. Connectivity: Staying connected is a priority, and Winstar W98 offers the necessary connectivity options From calling and texting to browsing the internet and using social media apps, the device covers the basics well.

Winstar W98 is not about overwhelming users with complex features. Instead, it focuses on providing a straightforward and practical experience. This simplicity makes it an ideal choice for people who prioritize functionality over fancy extras.

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Whether you're a student, a working professional, or someone looking for a reliable secondary device, the W98 offers a simple solution that fits your needs. Its user-friendly interface ensures that even the non-tech-savvy can easily navigate the device.

In a world where smartphones come with ever-increasing price tags and a plethora of features, the Winstar W98 stands out by offering what really matters: a reliable communication tool at an affordable price. Its simple approach to essential features caters to the needs of a wide audience in Bangladesh.

So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly mobile device that doesn't skimp on the essentials, the Winstar W98 could be your answer. With its pocket-friendly pricing in Bangladesh, it's a practical choice that brings connectivity to your fingertips without emptying your wallet.

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