Zenon Unlock Tool V2.5 - Latest Version (Free Download)

Zenon Unlock Tool V2.5 is a popular unlocking tool for smartphones and tablets. It's has been released in the year. The Zenon Unlock Tool most recent update includes some higher activity of features that boost powerful and mobility.


Zenon Unlock Tool

Zenon Unlock Tool is a small application utility unlocking software for Android smartphone devices. It's to let's for users bypass FRP (Factory Reset Protection), Format ROM, Remove Screen Pattern/Password/PIN, install Stock Firmware, Custom ROM, etc. So, if you want to new experience and premium functions for free features of Zenon Unlock Tool, then follow below steps and download the tool on your windows PC and enjoy it.

What's new has been added:

1. Qualcomm Unlock Models: The tool now supports a wider range of Qualcomm devices, including those with Factory Reset, FRP, and EFS protection.

2. Added OnePlus Models: Zenon Unlock Tool now supports a wide range of OnePlus devices, from the OnePlus 9 Pro to the OnePlus Nord N100.

3. MediaTek and Unisoc Improvement: The tool has been updated to fix issues with MediaTek and Unisoc processors, including the Samsung force brom problem.

4. Realme and Infinix Harmonization: Zenon Unlock Tool now supports a number of Realme and Infinix devices, giving users more options.

5. New Features for Diag Mode: The tool now supports entering Diag mode for both new and old devices, reading information, performing factory resets, and even writing IMEI.

6. Hisilicon Loaders: Two new Hisilicon loaders have been added, further expanding the tool's compatibility.

7. ADB Improvements: Users of MIUI13 and MIUI14 can now disable MI cloud and OTA updates, giving them more control over their device's software and privacy settings.

8. Bug Fixes: Several bugs, including the "Not Open" bug on Windows 7 and UI resizing issues, have been resolved.


Update Changelog:

  • Qualcomm
  • EDL - Add new unlock model (Factory Reset/FRP/EFS)


  • OnePlus 9 Pro (LE2120)
  • OnePlus 9R (LE2100-V1)
  • OnePlus 9R (LE2100-V2)
  • OnePlus 9RT (MT2110)
  • OnePlus Nord (AC2001)
  • OnePlus Nord N10 5G (BE2029)
  • OnePlus Nord N100 (BE2013)
  • OnePlus Nord N200 5G (DE2117)
  • OnePlus Nord CE 5G (EB2103)


  • Fix Samsung Force Brom


  • FDL - Add new unlock model (Factory Reset/FRP)


  • Realme C11 (RMX3231)
  • Realme C25Y (RMX3265)
  • Realme C25Y (RMX3269)
  • Realme C30 (RMX3581)
  • Realme C31 (RMX3501)
  • Realme C33 (RMX3624)
  • Realme C35 (RMX3511)
  • Realme Narzo 5i (RMX3235)
  • Realme Narzo 50A Prime (RMX3516)


  • Infinix Hot 10i : PR652B
  • Infinix Hot 12 Play: X6816C
  • DIAG - Enter Diag (New)
  • DIAG - Enter Diag (Old)
  • DIAG - Read Information
  • DIAG - Factory Reset
  • DIAG - Write IMEI (Beta)


  • Add Loader Kirin 950
  • Add Loader Kirin 960


  • ADB - Disable micloud MIUI13,14
  • ADB - Disable OTA MIUI13,14
  • Fix Not Open Windows 7
  • Fix UI Resize
  • Fix Known Bug

Features of Zenon Unlock Tool V2.5

Bypass FRP: The Zenon Unlock Tool V2.5 to you can unlock/bypass/remove FRP lock from any smartphones and tablets, Just select Brand and chipset easily 1 Click to unlock.

Factory Reset: This tool allows you to unlock branded Android phones, including Mi Account, password reset, PIN, etc.

Multi-Functions: This tool has multiple options like, Flashing, Unlocking, FRP Reset, Factory Reset, Fix Bootloop, IMEI Repair, Envirum Flash, Auth Bypass and many more.

Install Stock ROM: The tool supports the firmware installation process on various chipsets, you can easily flash smartphones and tablet devices with MTK, Qualcomm and SpreadTrum processors with it.

Portable Setup: Xenon Unlock Project Setup is a portable installing setup. So, you do need to install setup.exe file on Windows PC to use it, just double click to install it.


Download Zenon Unlock Tool V2.5 - Latest Version

Below is a link to download Zenon Unlock Tool V2.5 latest setup version, you can download it quickly from there.

  • Tool Name: Zenon Unlock Tool
  • Version: V2.5
  • Developer: ZenonTeam
  • File Size:
  • Compatibility: Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 (32/64bit)

Download Setup File

How to install and use it?

  • Download & extract Zenon Unlock Tool V2.5 to your Computer.
  • Extract the Setup.zip & open the extracted folder
  • Run the tool as administrator.
  • Now the Window will opened

Zenon Unlock Tool V2.5 - Latest Version (Free Download)

  • Click on Register Type Username & Password

Zenon Unlock Tool V2.5 - Latest Version (Free Download)

  • Then Click Login
  • Now you will get the below-listed functions



  • Reboot After Flash, Disable MI Cloud, Set Bootable Storage
    Skip EFS Partitions, Remove FRP

Part Manager

  • Connect 9008
  • Remove FRP, Remove PIN/PW
  • Disable MI Cloud

Zenon Unlock Tool V2.5 - Latest Version (Free Download)


  • Select Model
  • Remove FRP


  • Repair IMEI, Backup QCN

MediaTek (MTK)

zenon unlock tool


  • Read, Write, Erase, Get Partitions
  • Crashing Preloader Mode
  • Custom BMI
  • Remove PIN/PW, Backup NV, Bootlaoder, Erase MI Cloud
  • Remove FRP, Erase NV, Auth Bypass


    • Get phone info
    • Remove PIN/PW
  • Flasher
  • Network



  • Remove FRP Nov 2022, Get Phone Info
  • Remove FRP NEW, Enter Download, Remove Knox


  • Remove Samsung Account
  • Change CSC
  • Enter Mobile Toggle

Zenon Unlock Tool V2.5 - Latest Version (Free Download)

Download Mode

  • Remove FRP, Fix Softbrick
  • Backup Restore Pit
  • Remove FRP Android 5/6
  • Erase NAND





  • Xiaomi Disable Mi Cloud
  • Root


  • Change Bootable Boot A/B
  • Remove FRP
  • Reboot EDL
zenon unlock tool


  • Get Mi Cloud JSON information, Disable Mi Cloud QC
  • Remove PIN/PW, Erasing MI Cloud
  • Remove FRP


Zenon Unlock Tool V2.5 - Latest Version (Free Download)

Diagnostic Mode

  • Remove PIN/PW


    • Remove PIN/PW | Disable MiCloud
    • Remove FRP
  • Choose the options you want to use
  • Then Power Off the Phone
  • Connect it to the PC
  • It will take some time

That’s it. Enjoy now!!

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